More Debates

Yesterday, I asked you to read and respond to arguments about the AP curriculum in schools. Today, I’m giving you the choice of several debates, all in the Times’ “Room for Debate” series. I encourage you to read as many of them as you can, but I want you to choose just one of them to analyze closely in your reading notebook. You might also consider offering your own opinions on the subjects; do that on your blog, not in your reading notebook.

A reminder: READ THE WHOLE THING. Each author’s argument is cut off after a few paragraphs, with a “read more” link. Make sure you always click on that link for each author.

Here they are:
The Truth about Santa
The Economics of Eating Well
What’s Missing in Airport Security?
Does Tiger Woods Have a Right to Privacy?
What Should High Schools Do About Concussions Among Student Athletes?

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1 Response to More Debates

  1. Michael H says:

    Hey Mr. Ayers,

    Is this upcoming essay supposed to be argument persuasion or can it be anything?


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