Author Study RNB Entries

"Writers," by Faye StardustI’d like you to use your reading notebook while you’re preparing for your author study. I’m writing this on 5/6, and you have until 5/21 to complete your reading, so let’s say a total of SEVEN ENTRIES dedicated to your author and his/her work.

For each piece of writing you respond to in your RNB, make sure you’re focusing on facets of your author’s work that will be useful in the final presentation, rather than just general reactions. For example:

  • what does this piece help illustrate about the author’s style? what does it show about how s/he approached a topic?
  • how important is this piece to the author’s complete body of work? was it especially significant in some way? how? why?
  • who does it sound like the author is writing to, and for what purpose? what strategies does s/he employ to achieve that purpose?
  • what are the most memorable parts of this piece? are there opportunities here to use an excerpt in the presentation?

Don’t just answer these questions; use these, and questions like them, as a starting point.

Now, I’m going to keep the “page length” requirement at a page, but some of you need to do more than that. It’s fairly obvious when I’m checking notebooks who’s skirting around the requirement by starting their entries three lines down, ending them three lines from the bottom, writing in large handwriting and giving themselves a healthy margin on left and right. I’m not promising you full credit if that’s the way you go about these entries. Leave no doubt.

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