Reflective Essay

In lieu of a Final Portfolio this term, you are going to write a short, reflective essay in which you look back over the work of this term. Here are a couple of questions I want you to think about, in order to get you started. [Note: I do not want you to simply answer these questions.]

What have you accomplished this term? How has the reality of your work in AP Lang & Comp compared to how you thought it would be? What work shows that you have stretched yourself? What work would you like another shot at? What are your goals for next term?

I’d like these to end up at around 700-900 words. I will grade these holistically, but my expectations are as follows:

  • You will have one or two main points that you’re trying to convey in the essay, which will be made clear at the beginning and elaborated on throughout.
  • You will use specific examples, including quotes of your own work, to support your main ideas.
  • You will attend to the features of writing we have studied this term: diction, syntax, tone and style, and, if applicable, narrative.
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