APLangComp.com Soft Reset

It’s been several years since I’ve written on this blog, and honestly, when I left it behind I thought there was a decent chance that I’d never use it again. The school I was joining already had an AP Lang teacher, didn’t need or want another one, and it was probably time for a break anyway. So, goodbye to all that, I thought. Michel, Frankie, Annie, we had some good times.

But now here I am, running around trying to put the band back together. Getting ready to talk about watching moths burn, and shooting elephants… Oh, and blogging. Sweet, sweet blogging.

I’m not doing a hard reset on this blog, because I have nothing to hide. All right, maybe I have plenty to hide, but I’m too lazy to read back through all my old posts to hide any embarrassing ones, and I’m too sentimental to delete them unread. So there they sit. Enjoy seeing what memes from teachers looked like in the early 2010s.

As before, I’ll use this as a place to showcase student blog posts that I think are laudable for one reason or another, to share other links that I want to make available, as a site for creating blogging examples, and as a general resource for AP Lang Things.


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