Here’s the basic assignment.

All students must:

  • maintain a blog;
  • keep that blog linked to the Kennedy Blogs hub blog;
  • make that blog available to me, either by opening it up to everyone, or specifically inviting me to read it (in Settings –> Permissions);
  • write at least three posts per week; and
  • write at least 1200 words per week.

Some guidelines that make this assignment easier:

  • blog about topics of interest to you;
  • keep links on the side of your blog that take you to sites you like to read, so you will always have new topics handy;
  • don’t try to write all your posts in one day;
  • feel free to change up your topics when necessary, or when you feel like it.

Some things I would like to consider, but am not yet requiring:

  • embed images and video in your posts, when you think they would be of use to the reader/viewer;
  • include links within the posts, to help the reader get to other related content that would be useful or interesting;
  • consider your template, color scheme, and font, to make your blog appealing to look at and read.

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