Please Read & Comment

For anybody still out there and willing to take a second, I’m curious to know what people thought of our experiment using Google Docs this term.

Anything else in the class you want to talk about at all–blogs, our AP test prep, particular readings–I’d be interested in hearing any and all of it.

Leave your comments below…

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4 Responses to Please Read & Comment

  1. Keenan Wilson says:

    Dear Mr. Ayers
    I liked using google docs because there is no set time when you have to edit or talk about your paper. I also think that you seemed more available when we are on the internet and you can help us from anywhere. i liked that it saved paper also. I think you should use it more but you should still make sure we all have a group because I know of a few people, myself included, that didn’t get very much student help because I didn’t have very many people who wanted to read my work.

    I think that we need to make the blogs more public. If you made people write a review of a blog post from someone elses blog who was also in AP Lang in their reading notebook once a week, I think people would worry more about the audience reading their work. I know that I feel like the only one reading my blog, besides you, is my girl friend and she isn’t even in AP Lang. So if you made so way that made the blogs more effective at being what Andrew Sullivan called, ” A broadcast of writing,” that would be great.

  2. Chase Sullivan says:

    i had never used google docs before, and I really like it now.

    HOWEVER- i hated the use of it for the essays in the 3rd term… at least well.. my group needed more guidance because we couldn’t set/stay on a schedule

  3. Sam Krause says:

    Hey, this is kind of late, but I’m at camp all summer and haven’t been on to check this in a while.

    I liked google docs as well. That is all.

  4. Sam Krause says:

    I had something I actually wanted to say, but I forgot it…

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