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Final Blog Requirements

Post your essay as a Page. Make sure it’s accessible to the reader. Write two last posts for this week instead of three (total of 800 words). Your last post should either: If you think you might continue your blog, indicate … Continue reading

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Two Assignments and a Suggestion

Folks, I’m going to continue to push you toward using your blog for the preparation work before you begin drafting your Book Review Essay (the requirements for which can now be found on Canvas here and here). So, for your … Continue reading

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A Few Good Sources

I hope you’ve been making good headway on your nonfiction books in the past several days. So far, I’ve asked you to analyze an existing book review essay, and to think about how the author gives the reader context early … Continue reading

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NF Book Questions (part 1)

At this point, you should have your nonfiction book that you’re going to review. Is there an author’s note? If so, what important information (perhaps about her/his process) does the author tell you there? In the introduction or first chapter, … Continue reading

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Book Review Essay Analysis

As we’ve been talking about, you’re going to write a book review essay that follows the basic conventions of the genre. My hope is that you’re already well on your way to getting a nonfiction book, published either this year … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Spiders tune their webs like guitar strings. Very short video; worth the click. This upcoming Macbeth movie looks potentially pretty cool. Sounds like David Foster Wallace’s essay “Consider the Lobster” caused more than a couple of arguments with his editor. … Continue reading

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Chris Ware, Minecraft, and Visual Literacy

For later use, Ken Parille’s blog post about Chris Ware’s New Yorker cover from the June 22, 2015 issue.

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