Iowa City Test Prep Wrapup

On Saturday, ten dedicated AP Lang & Comp students drove down to the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City. We spent a few hours taking a practice test at the Iowa Memorial Union, so everyone could get used to doing all parts of the test in the same sitting. As you can see, they were working very hard.

We were joined by future student teacher Miss O’Connor, who helped me score and analyze the multiple choice results (thanks for the help!). All in all, I thought it was a productive discussion after the test was complete.

The students were also visited by a surprise guest: former Iowa Governor Chet Culver stopped by to chat (after being reassured that his interruption wouldn’t count against the kids’ time on the test). He offered them all some encouragement and praised their willingness to take a Saturday afternoon to study.

Governor Culver also talked to me for a moment about his new alternative energy initiative, and asked me to pass along a link. Because I know many of you are interested in this issue, APLangComp is now following Gov. Culver on Twitter, to pass along news connected to alternative energy.

Thanks again to the hardworking students who drove down for the study session, and to Miss O’Connor for helping out.

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