Blogging Bloggers Who Blog on Blogs

Each week or two, I will attempt to highlight the efforts of some AP Lang bloggers who are writing interesting stuff on their blogs. Since we haven’t really gotten them going yet, today I’ll link to some blog posts featuring former students.

First is tsmarcus90, an AP Lang veteran of four years ago. More recently, she has been blogging here and then about her travels. The name of the blog is Travels in Taiwan, but I have it on good authority that she is about to begin blogging about a current trip to India as well.

Here’s a Des Moines Register politics blog by Kathie Obradovich. She wasn’t an AP Lang blogger, but she mentions one: Andrea Nemecek, who announced the Iowa delegation’s votes last night after President Bill Clinton’s speech. Andrea, for her part, has written a post or two for the Obama campaign’s blog.

Then there’s Kristine Gift, who blogged for AP Lang back in the spring of 2008 when I first started this project. She writes about grad school and–like some of you–about being an avid runner. (Some of you may want to consider copying her page containing half-marathon times.)

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