Gallagher-Corvino Debate

Here is the BookTV debate on gay marriage that we watched in class. If you’re interested in learning more about either Maggie Gallagher or John Corvino, or about their book, or the issue overall, here are some additional links for you:

Gallagher wrote this piece for the Weekly Standard in 2006 on the relationship–and, she argues, the necessary conflict–between same-sex marriage and religious liberties in the United States. More recently, Rod Dreher argued in The American Conservative that conservatives should stop fighting gay marriage and focus on protecting religious liberties.

The day after this November’s elections, Corvino reflected on the victories for gay marriage in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. He also recorded a series of videos making short arguments in favor of marriage equality. And since both Corvino and Gallagher mention Andrew Sullivan in the debate/interview, here’s his essay from 1989, as originally published in The New Republic, in which he makes what he called “the conservative case” for gay marriage.




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