Book Review Essay Analysis


As we’ve been talking about, you’re going to write a book review essay that follows the basic conventions of the genre. My hope is that you’re already well on your way to getting a nonfiction book, published either this year or last, about a topic that interests you.

To get a sense of the genre you’ll be writing in, and its conventions, you’re going to spend some time analyzing a book review essay. Choose one of these essays from The New York Review of Books linked below. I will provide some questions for you on the Smart Board.

Remember that the goal here is for you to gain an understanding of this kind of essay, not to get the “right” answers to the questions I’m asking. Here are the essays:

The Women at the Top, by Marcia Angell (2014)

Kicked Out in America!, by Jason DeParle (2016)

The Disaster of Richard Nixon, by Robert G. Kaiser (2016)


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