Choosing the Top-Tier MCU Films, Fast

I should be working, not blogging, so I’m gonna make this really quick.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier — To me, this marks a turn in the entire franchise, because it’s a spy movie first, a superhero movie second. That opened the door wider, I would argue, for other directors to do interesting things (though they have not capitalized as much on that as I would have expected).

Infinity War & Endgame — It wouldn’t be a list of mine without cheating, so these go on the list together. There is no precedent for what the Russo Brothers pulled off with these two movies. Legendary.

Captain America: Civil War — Very underrated. This is probably in my top three, if I measured it only by the number of times I’ve put it on when looking for something fun.

Spider-Man: Homecoming — Best MCU Spidey, and I don’t think it’s close. Michael Keaton as Vulture is a top-five MCU villain. Balances the Peter Parker and Spider-Man stories very well. The twist is amazing. More Tony Stark. I don’t know what’s not to like here.

Thor: Ragnarok — Great, campy fun. Jeff Goldblum! Valkerie! Planet Hulk subplot! Peak Tom Hiddleston! Some pretty great Dr. Strange stuff early on! Hela is a drag though, and her scenes are boring, so I skip them.

Black Panther — Requires no explanation.

Avengers — Classic.

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