Hey Folks

Well, a little change of plans heading into 2010. Jen had the baby a little early, and we’re all settled in at home. But as I said before break, I’ll be taking paternity leave a few days at a time. Starting now.

So I’m going to give you some things to read and write about, keeping with our argument and persuasion unit. We’re starting with something close to home. I ran into this debate over at the New York Times website last week. It’s entitled “The Advanced Placement Juggernaut.” Read the arguments by all six authors, and analyze those arguments in a two-to-three-page reading notebook entry. Take note of the authors’ claims, what kind of evidence is used, who the arguments seem aimed at, and which you find most effective.

Start getting to work on your second essay as well. I’d like to see those first drafts (drumroll…) on Monday when you come in. We’ll talk about it when I get back…

Oh, and start blogging again. Happy New Year!

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